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Nautilus Buckle | Enlighten
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Spunflower Buckle | Enlighten
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Star Tetrahedron Buckle | Enlighten
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Your Price: $19.95

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Enlighten Clothing

Enlighten is much more than just a clothing line, we are a movement, a belief an ideal.  We believe in peaceful coexistence with the earth and all sentient beings.  We live in balance and harmony with one another and believe that understanding sacred geometry help us know ourselves and offer us a path towards Enlightenment.

Custom clothing by Enlighten, sacred geometry clothing and apparel featuring geometry in life.  All of our designs contain geometric symbols such as the Seed of Life, Fruit of Life, Tree of Life, Star Tetrahedron, Metatron Mandala and so much more, our t shirts are screen printed by us and quality is our top priority.  Our artists produce their own artwork for the t shirt designs and all accessories we sell.  Sacred Geometry has a very interesting spiritual quality about it, and we feel that we make clothing for a more spiritual being.

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