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I am electric

Born Sept. 23 1990, I am electric (aka Travis Garner) has been designing geometry for only a few years. "I prefer to think of geometry as a second language where i can tell a story or display an emotion using sacred symbols and numerology". Travis was born and continues to work in his hometown of Commerce Michigan. Though he has remained pretty local throughout his career, his art has gained him respect and notoriety all over the country. "I was attracted to geometry for its symmetry and message. I believe sacred design speaks directly to the core of all of us in creation, everything is sacred and connected. Life is a numbers game, and balance and structure is designed in everything". When asked what Travis would like to pass onto future generations he said. "I guess it would be the mystic knowledge of numbers and geometry and to make an impact on everyone consciously or subconsciously to awaken to their full potential as self mastered balanced beings of existence". We are so happy to be adding I am electric to our family of artists and you can expect new pieces and collaborations from this talented artist to be manifesting very soon.

Tyler Epe

Developing his skill out of the Chicago jamtronic art scene, Tyler is a big artist in a big city. Making strides from Summer Camp to Red Rocks bringing his unique talent in tow. Since his inception into the art world a few years ago his fresh style continues to change into more and more interesting manifestations. Using a cutting edge mastery of geometry and mandala crafting, his incredibly balanced designs fuse art and form in a timeless style. Tyler attributes much of his inspiration to other artists, Salvador Dali, Charles Gilchrist, and Stanley Mouse. "The most creative act you will ever undertake will be the act of creating yourself"-Deepak Chopra

Melanie Bodnar

Born in Portland Oregon, Melanie's style began developing on the road following bands like Furthur, String Cheese, Panic, Darkstar, and Phish. Its here that her talent was able to flourish, new cities new environments, coast to coast and back again, creating new pieces and learning great truths making it on her art. This girl has an extensive almost ancient wisdom about her craft, born an artist, good art appears to run in her blood, most of her family are incredibly skilled in all there crafts. Immersed in the psychedelic rock scene, her natural roots take organically complex styles and add vibrant rhythms and thought, creating inspiring pieces that have living feel and texture. "Painting is a means of self-enlightenment"- John Olsen

                        Gusherz Mc Crusherz

Beam aboard the intergalactic mother ship with the style of our newly discovered artist from the cascade mountain region of Oregon. Deciphering extraterrestrial hieroglyphs beamed down to one of the most energy charged areas of the country,  an artist known as Gusherz Mc Crusherz has astounded the community with designs that speak volumes about the evolution of life, art, and worlds and times beyond our own . There's no telling what manifestations the powers may transmit upon this decoder next, though it's sure to be, divinely inspired.

"My visions are not my own but the culmination of multi-dimensional downloads accessing the essential elements for our evolution. Expression is the vortex in which Evolutionary expansion takes hold. Embracing this knowledge I continue my journey"

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