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The Spirit Science

The Spirit Science

The Spirit Science is a website and movement dedicated to teaching you about spiritual awakening, enlightenment, sacred geometry, human history and so much more, we highly recommend you give them a look.  Not only will Spirit Science keep you entertained but it will open your mind to new more broad horizons.

Sacred Geometry Wiki

Okay, we all know wikipedia, but this page is worth a mention, it has many citations and articles related to Sacred Geometry and links to many more resources, a wealth of knowledge in one place!



This site is home to so much information we do not know where to begin!  You can learn about almost anything related to sacred geometry all in one place, they host many sources of in depth information related to sacred geometry, symbolism, ancient symbols, enlightenment and so much more.  If you like what we are about, chances are you will find something useful here.

Spirit Science and Metaphysics


Spirit Science and Metaphysics is one of our favorite most reality based sites devoted to using spiritual principals in to improve and enhance everyday life. No mumbo jumbo here, only hard facts and interesting stories we can all wrap our heads around.

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