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Sacred Geometry 101

What is Sacred Geometry?                                                            Metatron Cube
It is very difficult to explain Sacred Geometry in it's entirety with a single statement, my best attempt would be to say Sacred Geometry is, has been and always will be.  Sacred Geometry is everything and everything is Sacred Geometry.  All of creation, all life and all things roots are traceable to Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry is found throughout the natural world, but many go their entire lives without realizing it.  Sacred Geometric shapes, symbols and structures are found in both nature
and man made projects.  Most commonly expressed through architectural designs used in religious construction, but also used in Jewelry, Clothing, Decoration and so much more. In nature we
find these patterns in particles, cells, plants and even the planets, stars, and the structure of the universe itself.  These geometrical archetypes reveal to us the irrefutable truth of creation through mathematical expressions.  The concept of
oneness is that inseparable relationship of the part and whole, this principle is the underlying truth of the universe and all creation within.  Through an understanding of Sacred Geometry we will
come to realize our personal relationship to the whole, and know that all things are created from this design, everything is interconnected.

So you may be wondering, well how is that?  How is EVERYTHING Sacred Geometry?  Well like most things to try and understand Sacred Geometry you must first study the pieces that make up the whole.  To begin we will look at the prominent shapes in Sacred Geometry starting with the Seed of Life.

 The Platonic Solids

 The Tetrahedron

The Tetrahedron consists of six edges and four vertices, it represents the element of Fire and the Manipura chakra in the solar plexus.  Tetrahedron's create natural balance and harmony due to each side sitting flat it will always be in balance and harmony no matter how it is turned.
 Hexahedron / Cube

 The Hexahedron is any polyhedron with six faces. 




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