Enlighten, Ancient Wisdom, Sacred Geometry, Transformative Clothing, Awesome Artists, Love, And Light

“Knowing others is Wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment”

- Laozi 355 B.C.

Enlighten, clothing for a more spiritual being. Designed by the universe, interpreted by the ancients and carried through the eons by ancestral and modern mystics for one purpose: to bring humanity closer to the awesome power that surrounds us. Continuing this sacred duty we strive to gather enlightened artists from all corners of the globe and spread light in areas of darkness, some think it's time to change, we think, it's time to enlighten.

Follow us on tour! The soon to be announced Enlighten Summer Tour will be kicking of this summer we'll be making appearances at the summers biggest music and art festivals, we'll be there in full, to celebrate the biggest parties of the year with you. So get ready this summer is going to rock!

  • April 19-21 sweetwater 420 Fest, Atlanta GA
  • April 23-24 furthur tour, Port Chester NY
  • April 25-28 some kind of jam 8 Schuylkill Haven, PA
  • April 29- may 2nd widespread panic tour
  • May 3-5 may flora Fest, lehighton pa
  • May 9-12 spring revival Fest, Lyons ny
  • May 16-19 orange blossom jamboree, davie FL
  • May 24-26 Festi di Bella mente, Clark's grove MN
  • June 13-16 bonnaroo music festival, Manchester TN
  • June 21-23 blueberry jam Fest, Sussex county VA
  • June 27-30 electric forest music festival, Rothbury MI
  • July 3-21 Phish tour
  • July 11-19 furthur tour
  • August 8-11 the big up Claverack NY
  • August 15-18 Bella terra music festival, Stephentown NY
  • August 22-25 camp barefoot, Bartow WV
  • August 30- sep 2 evolve Fest Pottstown PA
The Path

Update, Dec 2 2013 WOW, What a trip it was, we did 23 music festivals and four nation wide tours, we went diamond mining in Herkimer NY, got lost in the mean streets of brooklyn after a terifying trip through the NYC subway system after midnight. Climbed through the redwoods and across the sand hills of the west coast all the way to the San Diego seas. We met so many awesome people this year, all on the same path as us, seeking love, acceptance, and a way to live freely in a very unfree and uncertain world. We realized that we arent building a company, were building a new world of artists and love driven souls that together will change the world. When you feel inspired good things happen, when you inspire others awesome things happen. Thank you all for being our inspiration, now let us sit down, work hard, and we'll try and return the favor. Lots of new stuff coming in 2014, Much love. ecc

We'll be at the Tabernacle for five nights of Sound Tribe for new years 2013-14!

2014 was incredible, we planted more trees than ever and went through many changes and challenges. We began work with new artists like Travis Garner and Lost Sailor Designs.

2015 is off to a great start we've moved our headquarters from Texas to Virginia. We have started a big collaboration with Spirit Science and Metaphysics and have already planted over 3000 trees. Great things to come this year!

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